New Realities stands for maximising quality of life, to create a new reality that is more humane, healthier and more responsible.

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New Realities

As a studio for strategic urban development and architecture, we operate as district makers and architects, as consultants and catalysts. We purposefully develop plans from the user's perspective, and that is why our solutions are always a combination of hardware, software, and orgware: the physical form, the programme, and the way you achieve it. Design is action: every intervention must add value.

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Studio for New Realities was set up on the basis that there must be a better way to organise our (built) environment. Nowadays this is too often characterised by a lack of quality of use, well-being and sustainability.

We are interested in use (instead of ‘design’), impact (instead of icons), communities (instead of buildings) and deliver an approach (instead of a specific style).This requires a redefinition of values ​​and a new approach.

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