New Realities stands for maximising quality of life, to create a new reality that is more humane, healthier and more responsible.

New Realities

We follow a strategic design approach. Design is action: every intervention must add value. The solutions are always a combination of hardware, software and orgware.

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We deliver visions, development strategies, programs and buildings that fit the changing society. In this way we realise urban development with impact and pleasant, personal spaces and buildings.


Studio for New Realities was set up on the basis that there must be a better way to organise our (built) environment. Nowadays this is too often characterised by a lack of quality of use, well-being and sustainability. We see the need for an ‘upgrade’ to an environment that is more humane, healthier and more responsible. This requires a redefinition of values ​​and a new approach.

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Our wish list is as simple as it is complex:

From anonymous, generic and clinical to humane. From flattened to pleasant. From restrictive to being in charge of your environment. From ‘interiorized’ to loving the outdoors. From an environment based on a destructive economy, to one supporting a regenerative economy.

An easy office as a healthy and inspiring working environment, where the windows can be opened. A personal apartment block with space for interaction. Town houses with such a timeless quality that families want to live there for a lifetime. An intimate district with buildings with “eyes on the street”, a lively program, active entrepreneurs, and a nice place for a coffee in the sun on the corner of the street. A natural city, where nature and urbanity symbiotically merge, with lush green streets and city rivers for swimming.
With homely places to care for our children, the elderly and the sick. With health hubs that energise, for preventive healthcare. With progressive and inspiring learning environments for future generations. With stimulating and synergistic places to work and produce for a new economy...

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