Studio for New Realities uses a strategic design approach to create projects that contribute step-by-step to improving our environment, city and world.

Drivers are the equal sustainable and humane agenda that constantly influence and sharpen each other. Therefore, we operate from a broader definition of value: in addition to development based on 'hard' factors (the more measurable, economic values that will always be important), real value is added by focusing on the more 'soft' factors associated with social and intrinsic values such as a sense of community, well-being, and quality of life.

231206 CSD agenda

Our approach is pragmatic and analytical and always developed from the point of view of the user. Our attitude is optimistic and realistic. We operate as a design squad – lean and mean and to the point. Every intervention is clear in what it adds or solves. To get crucial interventions accomplished at the right time, to get others started and to stimulate freedom of use. This translates to an approach based on two interrelated principles. First of all, we always work from the trinity of software (programme and usage), hardware (built environment and landscape), and orgware (development, organisation/governance, exploitation and acceleration).

240216 CSD3

Second of all, our work plays out at all scale levels. Whatever the nature of the project, we always consider the scale of the street, of the neighbourhood and of the city or wider area. In this way, we can link global and local urgencies and translate them into tangible, meaningful spatial realisations.

240216 CSD6

We operate not only as designers but also take on the roles of 'programmist' and 'spin doctor' to advise on programme and process. We question the question, bring actors together and create programmatic packages that suit the society of the future. We de- and reconstruct standard solutions to arrive at new conditions and qualities, with the software and orgware as the basis for the hardware. Always in close collaboration with the (future) community and specialists.

240216 CSD4

We engage in the early stages of project definition and 'the question behind the question,' and excel in the phases of project definition, conceptualisation, and further design development. Our focus shifts throughout the process from consultant to spatial designer. We develop principles, programmatic packages, and 'usage systems' to transition from static to dynamic designs. Subsequently, we connect interventions, costs, and stakeholders to ensure that we deliver not just a plan, but an action plan. This way, we create buildings that accommodate, activate, and accelerate, as well as spaces that provide tranquility and peace. In this manner, we make a difference in a process and realise plans that truly work, contributing to impactful urban development.

240216 CSD12

Our wish list is as simple as it is complex:

From anonymous, generic and clinical to humane. From flattened to pleasant. From restrictive to being in charge of your environment. From ‘interiorized’ to loving the outdoors. From an environment based on a destructive economy, to one supporting a regenerative economy.

An easy office as a healthy and inspiring working environment, where the windows can be opened.
A personal apartment block with space for interaction.
Town houses with such a timeless quality that families want to live there for a lifetime.
An intimate district with buildings with “eyes on the street”, a lively program, active entrepreneurs, and a nice place for a coffee in the sun on the corner of the street.
A natural city, where nature and urbanity symbiotically merge, with lush green streets and city rivers for swimming.
With homely places to care for our children, the elderly and the sick.
With health hubs that energise, for preventive healthcare.
With progressive and inspiring learning environments for future generations.
With stimulating and synergistic places to work and produce for a new economy...