Studio for New Realities uses a strategic design approach to create projects that contribute step-by-step to improving our environment, city and world. Drivers are the equal sustainable and humane agenda that constantly influence and sharpen each other.

Our solutions are always a combination of hardware, software and orgware – the physical form, the program and the user system.

Design is action: every intervention adds value and is clear in what it adds or solves. To get crucial interventions accomplished at the right time, to get others started and to stimulate freedom of use.

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We broaden values ​​in development processes – from the current, narrow economic definition of value, to a broadening definition with truly important values ​​such as happiness in life, sense of community, health, ecology and sustainability.

Our approach is pragmatic and analytical and always developed from the point of view of the user. Our attitude is optimistic and realistic. We operate as a design squad – lean and mean and to the point.

We are interested in use (instead of ‘design’), impact (instead of icons), communities (instead of buildings) and deliver an approach (instead of a specific style).

We question the question, bring actors together and create programmatic packages that suit the society of the future. We de- and reconstruct standard solutions to arrive at new conditions and qualities, with the software and orgware as the basis for the hardware. Always in close collaboration with the (future) community and specialists. We link interventions, costs and actors to achieve a shift from master plan to action plan. In this way we make the difference in a process.


We are working in a wide variety of fields: architecture, urban planning, creating communities and public space. This allows us to make the connection between global and local priorities and concrete spatial realisations.

What are the new programs for our society of the future? And what does it take to get it realised?

We develop principles, programmatic packages and ‘user systems’ - to move from static to dynamic designs, to realise buildings and places that accommodate, activate and accelerate. But also places that offer tranquility. To come to a new reality that is more humane, healthier and more responsible.