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We are true district makers, contributing to liveable cities and flourishing communities.

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Area Development Strategies

Our area development strategies are integral and layered visions for urban development, rooted in the unique characteristics and potentials of a location, that enhance communities. We take a role as programmatic and spatial designer and mediator, to stimulate the thought and decision-making processes from different angles. We provide insight into no-regrets, possible directions, choices and their impact, in order to arrive at the most fitting aims and development route.

Based on a strong positioning, we build a clear and convincing narrative. Research by design is applied in exploring possible development directions, in response to local context, global challenges as well as social circumstances. The concluded vision and development strategy outline ambitions, criteria and priorities – translated into a set of strategic measures, transformative interventions and a layered framework. These apply not only to the physical environment, but also especially to the social fabric of the area. They are accompanied by strong visuals to get local communities, stakeholders and the wider public on board and give crisp and clear guidance for further development.

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We lay the foundations for distinctive neighbourhoods that stimulate yet soothe. Places for people and quality of life, that are rooted in their environments and that foster community spirit and regenerative systems. In the process of the masterplan development, we act as strategic designer, programmist and driving force for process and production. To consider the full contextual spectrum, to identify socio-economic, programmatic and spatial opportunities and to facilitate cross-pollination between stakeholders, functions, nature, initiatives – and of course people.

Based on place-based analysis and positioning, we develop a layered, integral plan securing future potentials while doing justice to neighbourhood culture and characteristics. This contains both programmatic and spatial interventions, with strategic considerations of the smaller and the larger scales where relevant. All translated in clearly defined interventions, with a link to stakeholder, time and investment. We collaborate with local community leaders to amplify plan impact. The result is a spatial action plan, as design and development strategy, rather than just a masterplan. Find us for masterplans developed from the usage perspective, establishing positioning and profile, (spatial) quality plans (BKP), capacity and volume explorations as part of feasibility studies, and plot passports, among others.

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