Easy architecture

We tailor places to people’s culture, needs and local context, designing 'usage machines' that empower people.

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Accommodation Strategies

Our accommodation strategies are rooted in a thorough analysis of an organisation, its behaviour and atmosphere, and its spatial needs. They are about process as much as they are about programme and design. This means that – aside from strategist – we are also a dedicated process guide with a (sometimes much-needed) outsider's perspective, providing ‘group therapy’ (if you want) to mobilise collective creativity and intelligence and anchor conclusions in the organisation. We work closely together with the people who will be using these environments, in order to achieve a plan for a place that truly fits.

This translates to a clear positioning, programmatic concept and development vision. We pragmatically put design to use as a tool to develop, test, sharpen and rate different spatial scenarios in relation to usage criteria. Our strategy takes shape as guiding principles and as a package of programmatic, spatial and organisational interventions. And to turn it into an action plan, we work together closely with real estate strategists and cost advisors.

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We believe in ‘easy architecture’: spatial design that feels logical because it is driven by its usage. Our buildings are naturally healthy for humans and responsible for our planet. We explore the purpose of the building and scrutinise the question behind the question. This lays the foundation for the building's raison d'être, defined by the use of places and spaces, not by aesthetics. We see buildings as ‘usage machines’, with the aim of empowering users – to provide an environment where you are challenged and in charge. We pay particular attention to the interaction between inside and outside, to interweave the built with the natural context, and elaborate following low-tech and maximum sustainable solutions.

In our architecture projects, we are designers as well as process managers. We are involved from the initiative until the execution (in terms of aesthetic supervision) phases, with special attention for the project definition phase. We take you along in choices throughout the project, in order to achieve a balanced design. This includes careful coordination with users, advisors, the municipality and the contractor.

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