Strategic planning

We provide holistic and integral perspectives that enhance the urban system and provide a strong basis for quality of life.

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Strategic Planning

Design is used as a tool for system change: adjusting the urban metabolism in a way that can be traced back to people’s day-to-day quality of life – we always work with the ‘what’s in it for us’ question in mind. As strategist, we delve into the question behind the question in order to establish a clear project definition. What should a development ‘do’ and how does it 'relate’ to others. As mediator we bring different stakeholders and interests closer together and streamline the development process between design, development, the wider public and politics.

We explore possibilities in the widest sense of the word, with the aim of identifying crucial drivers for change. Research by design is the basis of our approach: developing, testing, adjusting and rating of a variety of spatial scenarios. The result is a clearly guided consideration, translated into a set of guiding principles, key interventions for development and spatial, programmatic, organisational and social recommendations.

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Development Visions

Urban development is never a clean slate: a myriad of movements, actions and groundwork is already at play. Our development visions are therefore directed at bringing all of this together, analysing and prioritising, and taking additions and interventions forward into an integral plan. Always with sustainability and community development as driving agendas in mind. As strategic designer, we intertwine spatial, programmatic and development-strategic considerations. Crucially, we also take a role as process mediator between stakeholders and disciplines – both in close collaboration with the client's expert team and/or advisors.

We approach the project from both the conceptual and planning perspective, acting as two parallel development lines. Here it is crucial to perform a 'reality check' of what is possible and what is appropriate in terms of community needs, development strategy, public opinion and political/policy context. These outlines are translated into clear ambitions, guiding principes, framework and key strategic interventions. The resulting development vision contains a hands-on spatial and programmatic framework, illustrated by a clear narrative and creative visualisations. It is accompanied by a development strategy as action plan, to stimulate a proactive outlook and indicate who should work with whom to make change happen and to align projects with funding and investment.