Studio for New Realities is a studio for strategic urban development, architecture and consultancy.

We work consciously at the same time on large and small scale projects: urban design, architecture, creating communities, living and working environments and public space. We develop clear concepts, enticing and relevant visions and powerful designs, using a radical-pragmatic approach and easy design – pleasant, human, pragmatic and low-tech.

The core of our approach is the combination of hardware + software + orgware. A layered package of spatial, programmatic and socio-economic interventions, to arrive at a working system and a development with impact. We deliver specific services and products from various roles and for various tasks, for which we work closely with specialists.

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Community and Program Strategy

Developing the user system for an area or building to be developed, with a focus on software and orgware (as a basis for hardware).

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Spatial action plan or Development strategy

Developing a “results-oriented design”, in which interventions are clearly substantiated, plotted over time and linked to investment budgets and actors.

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System design

Deploying design as a tool for system change and performance optimisation.

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Strategic advice

From an advisory role, working closely with the client to determine the substantive and process-based approach to strategic development projects.