Studio for New Realities is a studio for strategic urban development, architecture and consultancy.

New Realities
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We work as a design squad on large and small scale projects: urban design, architecture, creating communities, living and working environments and public space.


Jeroen Zuidgeest

Initiator, Architect & Strategic Urban Advisor

Jeroen founded Studio for New Realities to contribute to a world that is more attractive, sustainable, healthier, with more happiness in life.

Jeroen is an architect and strategic urban development consultant. He founded the studio based on the conviction that there must be a better way to organise our environment. Jeroen has a strong interest in and affinity with urban design and research assignments, from building to city and regional scale, and broad practical experience based on concrete design and research projects, for very different tasks, in different contexts.
Until early 2018, Jeroen was Partner, Head of the Strategic Planning Department and architect at MVRDV, where he was in charge of content development and organisation within the department, and has worked on various urban and regional design visions, master planning and development strategies, research projects, publications, exhibitions and education at various institutions.

Ryanne Janssen

Ryanne Janssen

Architect & Project Leader

Ryanne is fascinated by the interaction between different design scales - from urban design to furniture - and how they can work together in an exciting and intelligent whole.

In recent years, she worked at ambitious architectural offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Beijing, where she gained experience in all scales and phases of both the design and construction process, in design-development and project-management. With a strong love for sport and the outdoors, Ryanne wants to create healthy, intelligent and sustainable living environments.


Hedwig van der Linden

Architectural Designer & Researcher

Hedwig focuses on bringing design, usage and research together in urban development.

Intrigued by the diverse (im)possibilities of these disciplines, she researches and develops ways to unite them and to improve our quality of life. Educated as an architect at TU Delft, Hedwig gained work experience at both renowned architecture and research offices. In a desire to bridge science and practice, she mutually reinforces her work at New Realities with a research fellowship at the chair of Urban Area Development, Delft University of Technology.

Rozemarijn Stam

Rozemarijn Stam

Community & Programming Strategist

Rozemarijn’s approach to urban development is characterised by a social and community-oriented perspective.

Coming from a background of urban history, arthouse cinema and place branding, she studied Urban Regeneration at The Bartlett School of Planning (University College London). With community building and program strategies rooted in thorough field en desk research, she aims to contribute to a pleasant, stimulating and connected living environment for all. Rozemarijn has a specific role in the community and program development in our projects, paying special attention to made-to-measure program and a synergy between the existing and the new.

Michele 200120

Michele Maritano

Junior Designer

Michele joined the studio as a junior designer, supporting design production in a variety of projects. He is interested in how to translate the ordinary things in life into characteristic and attractive design solutions.

Michele studied Architecture and Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and TU Delft, working on projects spanning from urban dimensions to interior layout. He believes that social and environmental sustainability play a key role in design at all scales in order to create healthy and joyful spaces, both public and private.



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