Almere Buiten Centrum

Almere, Netherlands

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Almere Buiten is one of the largest districts in Almere, a Dutch new town built in the seventies now approaching 215.000 inhabitants. The area is characterised by an abundance of space and greenery, reflected in its name ('buiten' is Dutch for 'outside'). Originally, the centre of Almere Buiten was imagined to be largely autonomous, offering a wide array of amenities. The current reality of a changed perspective on both the city of Almere and the functioning of society as a whole, however, calls for a redefinition of Almere Buiten Centrum on all fronts. In particular, the district centre's role and a reality check on the corresponding level of amenities (including its effects on spatial structures), are crucial elements for a future vision.

In the coming months, we will be working together with BRAND The Urban Agency on developing a future vision for Almere Buiten Centrum. We will depict an image of the district centre in 2030-2035: how will residents, entrepreneurs and other users experience the area by that time? What is the role and identity of Almere Buiten Centrum as a district centre? And what does that mean in terms of atmosphere, functions and spatial structure?

Studio for New Realities will primarily focus on the programmatic and urban planning strategies, elaborating the outlines of the social, economic and spatial functioning of future Almere Buiten Centrum.

More information coming soon!

Role Vision and strategy Collaboration BRAND Urban Agency Client Municipality of Almere Size District Almere Buiten Year 2020 - ongoing Status Ongoing Team Studio for New Realities Jeroen Zuidgeest, Rozemarijn Stam, Michele Maritano