Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam as a mixed urban block

A collection of advices: think bigger / think broader / think closer

Project details

The municipality of Rotterdam, Central Library Rotterdam and all stakeholders involved are facing the challenge of 'upgrading' the library. Driven by societal trends in relation to (the state of) the building, its location and its meaning in and for the city, it is a fundamental project on a prominent spot in the city. The redevelopment of this significant institute carries great potential when it comes to the provision of cultural and educational amenities in the city, as well as the wider urban development in the eastern city centre.

We advised on a series of no regret interventions on the scale of the building and the neighbourhood as well as a widening of the programme on offer. In this way, public value of the library could be maximised. The ambition here was to develop the Central Library as a mixed urban block: a diverse collection and stacking of amenities and activities. Not necessarily all in one building, but combined into an urban block.

Strategie gebouw programma bredere gebiedsontwikkeling
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