Almere Floriade 2022

Almere, the Netherlands (@MVRDV)

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MVRDV's vision for the 2022 Floriade defines the outlines for a city that is literally green and that challenges sustainability, and forms a strategic urban operation. A symbiotic district with people, plants and animals, that produces food and energy. A district that cleans its own water, recycles waste and is a carrier of biodiversity.

Jeroen Zuidgeest has been in charge of the design development and project management at MVRDV.

Floriade almere

As part of the development of ‘Almere 2.0’, the vision and masterplan for the Floriade district aims to extend Almere’s city centre. The area is situated opposite of the current city centre and will transform the lake inbetween into a central feature of the city that will connect the disparate neighbourhoods of this young Dutch town. The proposal creates a world class, truly sustainable and eco-friendly extension to the city centre. It will host the Floriade horticultural exhibition, as an in-between-step and accelerator of the development of this future district.

In Almere the Floriade is designed according to an entirely new approach. A district that is literally green as well as eco-friendly and truly sustainable. That produces food and energy, cleans its own water, recycles waste and provides a place for biodiversity to flourish. And that creates a symbiotic relation between people, plants and animals, to test and demonstrate the solution(s) to global urgencies driven by the rapid urbanising and growing resource consumption.

Almere Floriade will be developed as a grid of gardens on a 45ha area.The strong defined shape bridges the barrier of the highway and connects the northern and southern part of the city. Each plot will be devoted to different plants, to create an arboretum that will be organised alphabetically. The plots will accommodate a wide variety of different programs, from pavilions to homes, offices and university, that will be integrated – and hidden – in the gardens. Visitors will be able to stay in a jasmine hotel, swim in a lily pond and dine in a rose garden, and the district will offer homes in orchards, offices with planted interiors and bamboo parks. The Expo and new city centre district will be a green, urban district that produces food and energy, demonstrating how plants are able to enrich every aspect of our daily lives and urban systems.

Architect MVRDV Client Municipality of Almere Program City centre extension with green housing exhibition (22,000m2/115 homes), panorama tower, 30.000m2 hotel, university (10.000m2), conference centre (12.000m2), various expo pavilions (25.000m2) smart green house (4.000m2), care home (3.000m2), childrens’ expo, marina, forest, open air theatre, camping and other facilities (25.000m2) Size 45 hectares Year 2022 - ongoing Status 1st prize competition, under construction, opening 2022 Copyright MVRDV