Groene Graaf Floris

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Project details

Rotterdam’s unique residential street ‘Graaf Florisstraat’ aims to be more natural, climate sensitive and social. More friendly, less strict and formal. To support de necessary climate resilience and naturalisation of the city. To increase the quality of living and spatial quality in this unique street in Rotterdam. Taking tiles out, putting plants in, and use water as an "upgrade" and starting point to make nice places.

Groene Graaf Floris copyright SFNR 014
Groene Graaf Floris copyright SFNR 063
Groene Graaf Floris copyright SFNR 064

The greening operation starts with a pilot at the intersection in the middle of the street. One drainpipe is disconnected from the sewer, and water is collected in a tub, visibly flows through a special designed gutter in the sidewalk and taken up in a large, green garden. A fresh oasis of greenery, like a sponge, big enough to handle a downpour. And a nice place to sit, meet and play.

A prototype, which can be continued in the rest of the street and the neighbourhood - always green, sometimes to play, sometimes with a couch. It is a start for a further greening process: A continuation of the XL facade gardens. An inspiration for your back garden, and later on as a welcoming entrance at the ends of the street.

1000 Rain barrels for Middelland

In the district Middelland, located in Rotterdam West, a special team is formed to ensure sustainable projects in the area. The project "1000 Rain barrels for Middelland" was inspired by the rain garden, to expand this pilot in the street Graaf Florisstraat on the scale of the district. By collectively organising the purchase and installation of rain barrels throughout the district, it becomes a much easier step for everyone - from institutes to individuals - to disconnect your downspout and to contribute to closing a cycle.

Studio for New Realities supports this project and has purchased a rain barrel as well.

Role Design Collaboration Frans Ziegler, Audrey Coert, Nienke Bouwhuis, Peter Reitsma Client Own initiative Year 2018 - ongoing Status Completion