Hyde Park

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands (@MVRDV)

Project details

The outdated office estate Beukenhorst-West in Hoofddorp will be transformed by MVRDV into an attractive urban district named ‘Hyde Park’. Located right next to Hoofddorp station, just four minutes by train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and twelve minutes from Amsterdam's business district Zuidas.

Jeroen Zuidgeest has been in charge of the design development and project management at MVRDV, and remains involved as Q-team member to guide the further development and realisation.

Hyde park

This future neighbourhood holds great potential to become a popular residential area in the Amsterdam region, due to its central location and the urban vision to realise an intense and vibrant urban neighbourhood with 3,500 housing units and commercial facilities. An important urban development for the area of Beukenhorst-West, located between the train station and Hoofddorp center, which until recently was a desolate office park that was struggling with a lot of vacancy.The masterplan contributes to upgrading Hoofddorp into a future-proof and vibrant city where work, living and recreation coexist. The development of Hyde Park enables the Haarlemmermeer area to remain green, by keeping the center compact and preventing the development of expansion districts.

The design aims to realise a neighbourhood with an urban vibrancy and programming. With pleasant streets; human-scaled, focused on pedestrians and cyclists. That maximises the connection to the surrounding qualities and urban fabric, and has a recognisable identity. With well-defined facades and lively plinths. With great residential qualities, with good sun- and daylight conditions and generous views to the park. With a sense of community, qualitative apartments and outdoor spaces.

Hyde Park will maximally integrate into its surrounding, to guide the walking and cycling routes between the city centre, park and station, and its original polder-structure will be restored. This gives the basis for clearly defined urban blocks, with enclosed green courtyards, to create a well-defined public space.

Each street will have its own character, whilst the main street is designed as a boulevard with wide tree-lined sidewalks and restaurants, and a qualitative route is developed along the park. Cycling, walking and socialising are a key feature of the ground areas, where car-traffic is minimised.

Together, this creates an attractive, vibrant urban neighborhood, as qualitative entrance of the city and guidance to the city centre.

Diversity and sense of ownership is achieved by dividing building blocks into 'Hoofddorp houses'; each serving a group of different users, offering different typologies, and treated differently. A series of 'suncuts' in the buildings ensure maximum sunlight to the streets, gardens and buildings, and park views for residents. It stimulates the development of a diverse and green roofscape that strengthens the residential quality.

The masterplan has been approved by the municipality in summer 2018 and multiple architectural firms have been appointed for the architectural design of the blocks, including Barcode, Team V, MVSA, Manuelle Gautrand and Studioninedots. MVRDV and Jeroen Zuidgeest will supervise the architecture as well as the public space design, in consultation with the municipality.

16 May 2020, Hyde park in newspaper NRC

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Masterplanner MVRDV Client Snippe Projecten B.V. and IC Netherlands B.V. Program Housing, commercial program, offices, parking facilities Size approx. 3,500 housing units Year 2017 - ongoing Status Masterplan approved; architectural design under development (masterplan supervision), construction expected to commence in 2022 Copyright MVRDV