Midden-Delfland as park for the region

MIND-event, De Lier, The Netherlands

27 Jul 2019

The MIND event 2019 focuses on the relationship between the urban and the rural. Jeroen Zuidgeest shared his perspective on the open green landscape and the opportunities for connection.

A brief summary:Midden-Delfland has enormous potential for its urban environment and vice versa: an easily accessible unique green area, a place where farming becomes more accessible - with direct sale of quality food, with an enrichment of greenery and permaculture farming, as a leisure area for the weekend, possibly enriched with new, unique programs such as hospitality and cultural venues in a few strategic places. Use the potential of Midden-Delfland as an outer area to provide a possible solution for the city: a climate-proof sustainable landscape, nature development and a strengthening of the attractiveness of the city. Of course with great respect and preservation of the existing green qualities, so possibly the interventions and solution directions lie much more in the outer ring and connection to the cities.

Specifically: Develop a robust strategy based on the inseparable relationship between hardware (the physical structure), software (the program, the functions) and orgware (the (resident) community, the culture). Do not make a top-down plan, but do it with the entrepreneurs, residents and users of the area. Use common sense. But make sure you are attractive and accessible and make an active connection with your environment. Without a relationship with the 'red', there is no relevance and future for the 'green'. The surrounding cities should guard and strengthen Midden-Delfland. In this way, a truly central and inclusive park can be created, where both urban and rural residents can enjoy the advantages of this green lung of South-Holland and each other.