Project Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Project details

Rotterdam’s popularity is growing, as evidenced by its rise on several ranking lists and number of publications. However, there is no reason for complacency, since the city is facing massive challenges to develop into a competitive, attractive, inclusive and resilient city. The studio aimed to define spatially non-addressed projects, that hold either high potential or risks, call for awareness to develop solutions for the global and local pressing urgencies, and translate them into strategies for the ‘upgrade’ of the city.

Project rotterdam

A group of students evaluated the “Map of the City”, as developed by the municipality in 2015, and defined an updated “New Map of the City”, driven by the forces that influence the city.

A series of development strategies and programmatic scenarios for overlooked and/or unused sites that can make a huge contribution to the city’s ‘upgrade’ was developed. These could lead to a series of Grand Projects. The aim of this studio is to develop an action plan for the city, translated into program and specific proposals for area development.

Research- and Designstudio Jeroen Zuidgeest and Jean-Paul Hitipeuw (Urban CODES) Lab Research / design brief David Dooghe Lab Communication / data visualisation Kersten Nabielek Year 2016 - ongoing Status Ongoing