Sioux Tech Campus

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Project details

An ‘upgrade’ of the Sioux Campus into an efficient and clearly organised work environment, to support the transition and further development of the organisation, and the development of an attractive environment, to connect existing and attract new employees.

2 Overview spatial strategies 01

Sioux is world-leading in technological development, but generic and modest in appearance. You know high-end development is going on here, but what Sioux stands for is not visible in its surroundings, entrances, architecture or their interior, and products are hardly visible. Different buildings (and therefore departments) are not connected; there is also little interaction with the environment and ‘Esp community’. It does not represent the pride of the employees and the desire to have an inspiring working environment that meets the spirit and the innovative character of the company.

In addition, Esp is a neat but generic business park, but has no distinctive spatial or programmatic characteristics and coherence, and is car-orientated and weakly connected to public transport.

The desire is to realise an attractive, inspiring environment to develop, discuss, meet, relax, focus ... inside and outside. With special attention to hospitality and experience. To realise an environment that supports the company’s drive to contribute to a better world and that improves the cooperation between departments – to physically strengthen the Sioux Community. To realise an environment where employees are optimally facilitated – 24/7. With all services that come with it and possibly short stay facilities. Where accessibility is optimal (accessible by public transport). And helps in the conversion from a business park into an urban district.

A package of robust and recognisable interventions on three levels - interior, architecture, urban design (Esp business park) - is deployed, according to a growth strategy, where the "upgrade" of the existing campus can take place step by step. The diversity of working environments is being increased, in order to optimally support work and users, with cells, labs and studios, unique testing grounds for innovation, inspiring places for meeting and relaxation, "shop windows" for presentations and reception. And interventions are done according to an activating architecture that helps to focus, develop and innovate. This creates a hackable space that supports innovation and represents what the company stands for.

Role Masterplanning, vision and strategy Collaboration Houben Van Mierlo Client Sioux Group B.V. Program Redevelopment, work places Size 16 hectares Jaar 2018 - ongoing Status Ongoing