Stationsdistrict Hoorn

Hoorn, The Netherlands

Project details

The station area is the last gap-site within Hoorn with possibilities for urban development to create a new part of the city. The area holds a great potential to be the answer to the city’s programmatic needs and to be the keystone for the development of the unique package that this city has to offer.

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The area has been subject to a planning trajectory for almost two decades and is in a current impasse. To get the project back to speed, it seems necessary to review and rebalance the urban ambitions.

With the beautiful historic city centre located to the south of the station, a very good connection to the IJsselmeer, and main public functions for the city and region located to the north of the station, the area can meet the programmatic needs of the city and be a strategic contribution to strengthen the unique package that this city has to offer.

The O-team - part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations - has been asked by the municipality of Hoorn and its project partners - the Province of Noord-Holland, NS and ProRail - to provide a vision for the programming and development of the station area of Hoorn to activate this part of the city. As part of this assignment, the O-team has selected Studio for New Realities to conduct research by design into the way 'attractive programming' can contribute to activate this part of the city. This will strengthen the spatial-programmatic connections between the northern and the southern clusters of the railways, as well as the role of Hoorn at a larger scale.

With the Poort van Hoorn project, the municipality aims to improve the accessibility of the station area. It should enable motorists, cyclists, bus and train passengers and pedestrians to arrive faster at the station and experience more travel convenience. In addition, the municipality will further develop the station area as an attractive living and leisure environment.

Station areas benefit from a good mix of functions, a human scale and, in addition to transit quality, also good living quality. What interventions are needed to achieve attractive programming and activation of the station area? How can the programming of the station area contribute to the overall identity of Hoorn?

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Role Strategy and design Client O-team, Ministry BZK (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) with Municipality of Hoorn and the Province of North-Holland, Prorail and NS Stations as project partners Year 2019 Status Completed Team Jeroen Zuidgeest, Umut Türkmen