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The Personal Apartment Block

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Project details

The design of the Willemstoren, in collaboration with IWT, focuses on the development of a timeless innercity housing block, meant for residents with an urban lifestyle. By maximising the relationship with the qualities of its surroundings, three residential blocks are realised, each with a unique orientation towards the Willemsplein square, Houtlaan and the Park. The urban living room on the ground floor and the spacious, green roof garden connected by a ‘vertical street’, are the collective spaces. They create an extra quality alongside the individual dwellings. Due to the maximum pragmatic principles and robust, timeless materialisation, it becomes a carefully fitted, robust and sophisticated block in this fringe of Rotterdam.

More information soon about the completion of this project.

Willemstoren 1

Willemstoren is a personal apartment block, in which living quality has been added on different scales. Willemstoren is being developed as a service block, with a collective work / living room and a shared roof garden, connected by a staircase as a ‘vertical street’. These collective spaces form the meeting place of the community, as a shared, extra space next to the individual apartments for work, reading and meeting. These can be rented for organising events 'at home' - a meeting, party, dinner, exhibition, etc. - focused on the lifestyle of the users. The lobby is the collective living room with a hotel-like quality, with possibly a reading table, package boxes, etc. The collective roof terrace has a view on the Park and the setting sun, a unique quality of this urban block. This collective space is possibly supported by a ‘Collective Assistant’, in person, and possibly as a digital application for the building.

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The facade at street level is open in order to create an all-round appearance of the building. With a homely design and lighting, it forms the ‘shop window’ of the Willemstoren community, where living space and functional space blend together. The slightly raised floor increases the privacy and the view over the Willemsplein square. The parking garage for bicycles and cars, adjacent to the lobby, is designed as a clear, open and attractive space, making it an integral part of the lobby. The galleries are connected by a diagonal staircase, creating a ‘vertical street’, which invites dwellers to take the stairs to their home or to use these collective qualities.

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By creating an optimal pragmatic structure, which enables maximum floor space for the lobby, views and privacy are enlarged, and partitions between the balconies are integrated. This creates a clear volume with a timeless appearance. Each home has a structure that is as open as possible, focused on a large facade that connects to the balcony, to maximise the unique views. . Balconies are generous, oriented to the view and sun, and sheltered from the wind. Floor plans are clear and flexible, which increases the divisibility and efficiency.

The residential blocks have high-quality concrete finishing, to which specific objects for a ‘personal touch’ have been added. By transferring the upper volume, a monumental connection to the roof garden has been created. By folding the fences of the balconies, privacy and wind protection have been increased and the fold creates a table for your morning coffee or evening drink. An integrated lamp to read a book on your balcony, extends your reading time in the evening. Rotated kitchen units create kitchen islands, so that you can keep up your conversation with your guests. And openings in the side walls give a view of the surroundings as unique postcards of the city.

Role Architect Collaboration IWT Client LSI (Inspire Real Estate delegated developer) and Van Wijnen Program Inner city apartments Size 76 dwellings Year 2014-2019 Status under construction since May 2017, completion May 2019 Residential investor Vesteda (formerly Delta Lloyd) Contractor van Wijnen Technical development LMV consultancy Structural engineer Zonneveld engineers Installation engineer Bloem Installatieadvies Fire engineer Peutz Construction supervision Prohuis