Zwolle 2040

Zwolle, The Netherlands

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Zwolle is a unique, rapidly growing city in the east of The Netherlands. Over the next two decades, the population is expected to grow by 25% to a city of 160,000 to 180,000 inhabitants. The city has strong social ambitions. Zwolle is facing a next step in urbanisation that challenges the city to define its future identity.

Ruimtevolk and Studio for New Realities developed an urbanisation perspective for future Zwolle on behalf of the Zwols Concilium as a driver for development and a source of inspiration for the discussion about the future of the city.

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Zwolle wants to consolidate its (inter)national position as a powerful region. In the environmental vision part 1 "My Zwolle of tomorrow 2030" the city expresses the ambition to strengthen its urbanity in a sustainable and inclusive way. Zwolle is currently defining the development direction that suits these ambitions and the character of the city. The Zwols Concilium has translated this into a plea for "qualitative growth of an inclusive city" and asked Ruimtevolk and Studio for New Realities for the development of an urbanisation perspective.

'Zwolle 2040: a perspective on the urbanisation challenge' is an integrated vision of the future in which urbanisation is not seen as a housing challenge, but as a motive power for achieving important social ambitions such as strengthening the quality of life and the unique character of the city. For example, tasks such as accessibility, energy transition, inclusiveness, employment and climate adaptation always go hand in hand with the realisation of new, high-quality and complementary living environments, choosing quality over quantity.

The perspective consists of six keystones for the scale jump and thus the future of the city. Six spatial strategies that strengthen the city's system, breaking down urbanisation barriers and creating new connections between areas and programmes. In addition, the relationship with the unique landscape and water will be strengthened, the existing city will be repaired and enriched and the development of new urban programmes will be encouraged. The perspective has been created in co-creation with designers from Zwolle and the Zwols Concilium, and with its imagination is a driver of development and a source of inspiration for the discussion about the future of the city.

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